Full and Partial Business Office Outsourcing


Why Outsource?

With advanced systems connectivity and an expertly trained business office staff, ARx offers a full spectrum of services required to optimize your hospital’s billing and Accounts Receivable collection efforts.  There are several reasons why you would consider outsourcing at least a portion of your business office processes:

Core Competency – Partnering with an organization like ARx that specializes in hospital business office operations and revenue cycle management allows the hospital to more fully focus its resources on activities that support patient care.

Acquisitions – When hospital divestitures/acquisistions occur, ARx provides the interim management skills that enable the new managment team to install new systems and staff with a minimum of difficulty or slippage in collections.

Excessive Turnover – Outsourcing could be the answer to any on-going problems with personnel turnover in your business offices.  ARx provides full business office functionality from its TN-based headquarters and operations center.

Lack of properly trained or fully qualified business staff – ARx fills the void through its experienced and highly trained staff.

Need for Improved Financial Performance – If a hospital’s current processes result in high A/R days or low collection levels, ARx has a proven record in reducing the number of days of aged receivables, as well as increasing cash collections.


Full Business Office Outsourcing

All Functions Between the Coders and the Collection Agency- The Full Business Office Services provided by ARx enables hospitals with the ability to optimize their billing and Accounts Receivable collection efforts without having to add staff or additional overhead. The company is completely dedicated to providing full hospital business office services as denoted in the white boxes below:

arx within the rev cycle webl



Partial Business Office Outsourcing

ebo services

Insurance Collections – For hospitals experiencing a backlog of insurance accounts, the expert staff at ARx can follow up on aged insurance accounts in a cost-efficient and highly effective manner.  This approach allows the hospital staff to concentrate on current, day-to-day tasks while the ARx team handles the hard-to-collect older accounts.  For hospitals that are short-staffed, ARx can assist with the early-out insurance collections as well. Many of today’s existing ARx clients initially “tested the waters” by outsourcing their early out small balance insurance accounts. This approach freed up their staffs to work the larger accounts and focus on more pressing issues. With the extensive experience and overall expertise in both governmental (i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) and commercial areas, ARx is well positioned to assist with any hospital’s insurance-related requirements.


Early Out Self Pay Collections – Few hospitals view self-pay collections as a profitable sector.  With hospitals across the country experiencing significant increases of uninsured and under-insured patients, however, ARx is uniquely equipped to assist in the appropriate follow up of these “difficult to retrieve” accounts. As an extension of their hospital clients’ business office operations, the ARx approach during the early out process is designed to reduce the volume of self pay accounts that ultimately end up with collections agencies, while simultaneously supporting the hospitals’ goals and objectives related to positive patient relations. The following represents the typical Self Pay workflow process, which can vary based upon the length of time that ARX is assigned o the account:

Steps  Description   Days
 LA or L1  Initial Statement  14
 8G  Call 1  14
 L2  Letter 2  14
 8H  Call 2  14
 L3  Letter 3  14
 8I  Call 3  14
 L4  Final Notice  14
 VO  Close & Return  1