TechnologyInterface and Data Extract Capabilities

The process followed by ARx for moving data and handling the exchange of accounts varies by client. From a data transfer standpoint, ARx can send and receive data through VPN connections, FTP service or on disk if necessary. On the account side, we are prepared to take accounts either in static placement or in a dynamic arrangement. Most of the clients we have worked with who are continually placing accounts make the appropriate changes in their master files that direct the accounts to an ARx “status”.¬† In these cases, a system process would be set that would place the accounts, recall accounts and/or provide payments and notes in a daily batch file.

ARx utilizes its own proprietary collections system to work both early out and discrepancy accounts. It should be noted, however, that we have also worked with a number of clients where we were provided direct connection into the facility’s host system and worked the accounts from there.

Over the past 12 years, ARx has worked with many different systems and has always been able to use information provided by our clients, regardless of the format. That being said, our preference is flat text files if available. As to file layouts, we are very flexible and typically look at what has already been created in the client’s host system for the exchange of accounts with their existing partner agencies.

In regards to Protected Health Information (PHI), ARx has a number of avenues for the secure sharing of this data. The methods and specifics of each are listed below:

  • Secure FTP site – requires secure FTP Client software (freeware versions acceptable)
  • Regular FTP with Password Protected Encrypted File – requires encryption software
  • E-mail with Password Protected Encrypted File – requires encryption software


ARx is a business office operations company and as such our business is not the selling of technology products and solutions, but rather to provide “best practice” services to hospitals regardless of the technology platforms being utilized. As a result, ARx is a “technology independent” partner to our client . We have had experience with most of the major technology platforms currently on the market and are adept at integrating our services into any business office environment. Below are just a few examples of this experience:

  • Connectivity/ ARx system Access
    • Point-to-Point connection for HCA and HMS systems
    • “B2B” VPN capability
    • Individual VPN connections
    • 24/7 access to ARx system through HIPAA compliant Citrix Terminal Server
  • External Billing System Experience
    • SSI Net Billing
    • SSI Click-On Billing
    • ePREMIS/ Relay Health
    • Emdeon
  • External Patient Accounting Software Experience
    • HCA PA/ Collection/ Logging Systems
    • HMS System
    • Meditech B/AR
    • Siemens Invision
    • Siemens Soarian
    • Keane
    • McKesson
    • Dairyland (Healthland)
    • Epic
    • Paragon Patient Management