ARx corporate officeARx is a privately held Nashville, TN area company that has successfully provided business office operations services to hospitals of all sizes and types since 1997. The company has built a solid track record and reputation within the industry by serving over 200 providers in more than 30 states. The total list of past and present clients includes some of the largest healthcare provider organizations in the country, as well as a large number of independent small and rural hospitals (with an increasing number of Critical Access Hospitals).

With no outside investors, ARx is a privately held company that is free to hold our clients’ interests as the top priority. We are able to offer high quality services at a competitive price, compared to some of the investor-owned and/or publicly traded companies in our field whom are often required to consider shareholder demands ahead of the specific needs of their clients. The sole focus of ARx since its inception over 15 years ago has been to provide business office operations and revenue cycle services to hospitals and other healthcare service providers. Currently, the total combined hospital business office operations experience at the executive and management levels of the organization exceeds 100 years, and the combined overall healthcare industry experience of the team is more than 130 years.

Prior to starting the company in 1997, founder and CEO Jeff White spent over 15 years managing hospital business office operations for the HCA, HealthTrust and IPN Network organizations. His various roles and responsibilities within these organizations started out at the individual hospital level in the Florida market, but progressed over time to regional and corporate level responsibilities for up to as many as 20 hospitals at one time. Additionally, ARx Vice President of Client Services Dawn Patton had 15+ years of hospital business office operations experience before coming on board with ARx shortly after its launch in 1997. Dawn had previously worked with Jeff as Director of Central Operations at IPN Network and also as Business Office Director at East Pointe Hospital in Lehigh Acres, FL. Prior to that, Dawn had worked in business office operations for not-for-profit St. Mary’s Hospital in Kankakee, IL. Currently assisting with the oversight of the ARx business office staff is Director of Operations, Gary Hall, and his team of Operations Managers that oversee the followng departments: Billing and Governmental Insurance department; Commercial Insurance department; Self Pay/ Patient Relations department; Financial Operations department;  and the Managed Care Recovery Services department. Each of the Operations Managers are assisted by two Team Lead managers per department, some of whom have been with ARx for as many as 9 years.

In its early days, ARx was primarily engaged by hospitals to provide consulting services that involved operations assessments and recommendations. Over time, the nature of the engagements evolved away from “consulting only” towards a more “hands-on” approach with services that were either virtual extensions of clients’ business office operations, or in some cases, actual replacements of the business offices themselves. Among the company’s early clients was HCA due to Jeff and Dawn’s familiarity with the HCA Patient Accounting system and knowledge of HCA internal business office processes and requirements. The relationship expanded tremendously in the late 90’s when HCA initiated a regional service center strategy across the country, which included a shifting of business office functionality away from the individual facilities to a number of Patient Accounting Services (PAS) regional centers. When the plans for the strategy were initially announced, it created turnover at the facility level and ARx was retained to come in and backfill where needed until the regional center could become operational. This engagement continued for several years throughout the life of the implementation effort. Additional opportunities that emerged later on for ARx occurred when HCA began to divest hospitals, which as a result of the HCA PAS strategy, did not include in-house business office. Again, because of ARx’s experience with HCA systems and processes, as well as their recent track record with HCA, the company was often referred to the acquiriing organization as an interim business office solution until a longer-term strategy could be implemented.

Many other successful client engagements are also part of ARx’s rich history. Information regarding these experiences as well as specific client references are available upon request. Maintaining the dedicated focus as a business office operations company has enabled ARx to become relied upon as a trusted and dependable partner for hospitals coast-to-coast. Please feel free to contact us today to learn how we may serve you.