The Prescription for Accounts Receivable

Since 1997, hospitals and other healthcare providers throughout the country have called upon ARx seeking a business partner to improve Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) financial performance through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. Our priority is to understand your unique challenges to help you rewrite your narrative. Experiences with our partners have included a range of business office operations which stem from our core services:

Extended Business Office

Zero Balance Recovery

System Migration Support

who we are

ARx is a revenue cycle operations company dedicated to being a hands-on, seamless extension of your staff. ARx is not a self-pay collection agency attempting to move up the revenue cycle chain or a tech firm expanding into the services arena.

Our customers can expect to receive service that exceeds their expectations and previous experiences. Our partnerships yield rapid, positive impact to overall financial performance by reducing cost to collect, decreasing A/R days, and improving cash collections.

ARx is comprised of a leadership team with over 100 years of hospital business office operations experience. These experiences drive us to make our partnerships accommodating and uncomplicated. We appreciate your organization’s need for a partner that champions your unique challenges and minimizes disruptions from intervention.

At Our Core

Community – While working toward a common goal, with mutual ownership, our team’s shared fellowship and passion provide a sense of fulfillment.

Compassion – We recognize that each partner has a unique set of challenges with varying requirements and outcome needs. Prioritizing your outcomes, we identify areas of opportunity and provide a flexible partnership to help.

Curiosity – Allow yourself to be curious. When we permit ourselves to think abstractly about decisions, we are more likely to form inspired solutions.

Creativity – Prepare to create a new world together by gathering multiple perspectives and considering new ideas to fulfill our partners’ expectations.

Courage – We have the courage to look for good in fear. Fear might be an indication that you are working on something innovative or ground-breaking.



ZERO Balance

System Migration

Technology capabilities & compliance

Limited by dedicated IT resources? Handcuffed by your system exporting capabilities? We are determined to remove obstacles. ARx has worked with many systems and has always used information provided by our clients, regardless of the format. We start by assessing file layouts that have already been created in your host system and provide feedback on any changes necessary to place accounts with us. The safeguarding of patient health information has and always will be the highest priority for our organization. ARx offers a number of venues for the secure sharing of this data to ensure ultimate flexibility without sacrificing security.

The ARx Claims Adjudicator/Tracking system is an SQL-based set of databases that store and track client patient account claims information. An annual SOC 2 audit is performed on the system against the security and availability trust services principles. The system has many functions and tools, which are primarily used for the following:


  • Warehouse client legacy system claims information – including patient account demographic data, patient account financial transaction data, patient account detail charge data, and patient account comments data
  • Claims tracking – the ability to track claims information; capture denial and payer adjudication data and provide tools for effective follow-up resolution; identify causes and trends for unpaid claims; and recognize and resolve incorrect insurance payments based on client payer contracts
  • Data entry – the ability to enter transaction data and modify/update patient demographic information
  • Reporting tools – the ability to produce various management reports, trending reports, and ad-hoc reporting
  • Interface tools – Ability to provide data feeds back to clients and client vendors.


Our business aim is not to sell technology products and solutions, but rather to provide best-practice services to hospitals regardless of the technology platforms being utilized. As a result, we are a “technology independent” partner to our client. We have had experience with most of the major technology platforms on the market and are adept at integrating our services into any business office environment. Below are just a few examples of this experience:

Connectivity/ARx System Access

  • Point-to-Point connection for HCA and HMS systems
  • “B2B” VPN capability
  • Individual VPN connections
  • 24/7 access to ARx system through HIPAA-compliant Citrix Terminal Server

External Billing System Experience

  • SSI Net Billing
  • SSI Click-On Billing
  • ePREMIS/ Relay Health
  • Emdeon

External Patient Accounting Software Experience

  • HMS System
  • Meditech B/AR
  • Siemens Invision
  • Siemens Soarian
  • Keane
  • McKesson
  • Dairyland (Healthland)
  • Epic
  • Paragon Patient Management
  • Cerner
  • MedHost

Our story

Our people, whether staff or clients, are our foundation—plain and simple. In 1997, Geoff White founded ARx with the goal of providing an opportunity to team members and new hires who may have not had one previously. Our staff members provide the desire to succeed, and we provide the lens of knowledge. With this philosophy, we have established profound loyalty among our staff, which naturally has transferred to our customers. We are proud to be a privately held company—allowing us to focus on client needs instead of outside pressures and distractions.

Early on, one of the largest for-profit health systems in the U.S. sought a partner as they shifted business office functions away from individual facilities to several regional service centers. As their strategies altered throughout the years, one constant remained: ARx’s support in times of transition. Fast-forward to today, and we apply the same principle to deliver service based on our client’s unique needs, not our own agenda. We proudly serve many distinguished hospitals in health systems nationwide.

Having one centralized location in Franklin, TN allows us to focus on the quality of service we provide and to change direction quickly and nimbly when needed. Our clients have enjoyed an increase in performance and access to advanced reporting, which also leads to necessary adjustments and fixes upstream. We continually seek ways to provide feedback that make our partners better—and we are always seeking feedback so that our partners can make us better.

We invite you to become a part of the ARx family of providers.

Our team

Geoff White

Geoff White


Bill Chace

Bill Chace


Gary Hall

Gary Hall

VP Client Operations

Benjamin Gleason

Benjamin Gleason

VP Sales & Marketing